$ 149.00
  • This is the perfect option for a minimalist parent.
  • 100% of baby's wardrobe
  • 20 items for baby at a time.
  • Customize your box — click Build a Box to get started!
  • Optional damage insurance for $5.
  • Get new baby clothes every 3 months. (Then send back the clothes from the previous shipment.)
  • 3-month obligation, pause anytime.
  • FREE Shipping 


With Bodhi Baby, you receive a new box every month. Once your new set arrives, your first set is due back to us — so we can share the clothes with the next family.

If you want to keep a size for longer, you can just let us know. 

If you want to keep an item forever, you totally can! Just send the rest back, and we will charge your account for the item you kept. (This charge will reflect the value of the item. If it was brand new, we will charge you retail pricing. If it was used, we will charge you used pricing.)

If you keep everything from the set and send nothing back to us, we will charge you the full value of the set. This is because Bodhi Baby is a rental system — our goal is to share the clothes among as many families as possible.


We ask you to treat our items with care — as if you had borrowed them from a friend. Just follow the care instructions on the tag when it's time to wash the clothes.

Please do not modify the items in any way (such as removing labels). 

If there is a potential stain, feel free to soak the item or attempt to remove the stain as long as you follow the instructions on the care label.


When you send the items back to us, we ask that you return them in acceptable condition. If things are shipped with food or bodily fluids on them — we could lose our partnership with the shipping companies.

Finally, once the clothes are returned to us, we give everything a thorough washing. We use biodegradable laundry detergents and an energy efficient washer-dryer.


To avoid being charged for an item, we offer optional insurance for $8/month to cover all repairable damages, like stains or missing buttons.

If any item is damaged beyond repair, is not returned, or is lost/stolen, we will charge you the cost of the item. (This charge will reflect the value of the item. If it was brand new, we will charge you retail pricing. If it was used, we will charge you used pricing.)


.Did you know that people create 14 million tons of clothing waste each year?  Not to mention the microplastics created by synthetic fibers. At Bodhi Baby, we’re working to reduce that impact by using only sustainable fabrics.


Our commitment is simple: no child labor, no slave labor. All our items are made in the US or from Fair Trade Factories. Because, we support a living wage


As a member of 1 % For The Planet we've joined a coalition of other businesses and committed to give at least 1% of all our profits to earth saving causes.


Our goal is to reduce clothing waste by working to keep your baby clothing out of the landfill.

Join the Movement. Help Us Build a Circular Economy for Parents.


Babies, make a lot of CO2 (hint, hint, we all do). But that doesn't mean we can't work to reduce that number. With us you save the planet water and valuable resources. Plus, our practices offset a portion of your baby's CO2.


Women owned businesses give back. Did you know we're actually better for the economy than our male counterparts. It's true- look it up.  

Bodhi (\BOH-DEE\) noun: to awaken


Bodhi is a Sanskrit name meaning "Awakened" or "Enlightenment" The Buddhist concept of Bodhi is spiritual awakening and freedom from the cycle of life.

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